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Cycling progress…

April 16, 2013

Cycling progress...

At first glance you might think, “14 mph? ….That’s alright” but the truth is I get winded and my heart rate reaches it’s max while keeping up with traffic! I ride fixed-gear bikes! NO GEARS so it’s all leg power! There’s no help when hitting a hill, the pedals continue non stop, and brakes..?. …I still keep an emergency brake lol, it’s very dangerous out there. The cars sometimes aren’t looking out for you so you pretty much gotta look out for yourself! Here’s a little tip if you are afraid to dodge through traffic: Know your city!!! There are tons of routes you can take that can lead to breathtaking views! You get the health and cardio benefits, as well as a little r&r for yourself! So strap on your gear, air up those tires to proper psi, get your navigation set and do it!! Follow me on Strava!! Fixie_pixie29 Val


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