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How To. Make-up tutorial from one of my fave celebrity artists! I’m a beginner when it comes to foundation …im almost 30 so I say it’s time! This definitely gave me the tips I needed to begin my make-up journey!


Fast-Slow-Stop Bodyweight Workout

This is great for those busy days!! NO EXCUSES!!! 🙂


Fast, Slow, Stop DW

You don’t need a gym to get a quick workout in – and this is a great one you could do in a hotel room, living room, outside or where ever you squeeze a quick sweat in.  OR, you can pop this little routine into your normal gym routine to switch things up a bit.

Do the following exercises 3 different ways each: FAST, SLOW, STOP!

  1. FAST: 25 repetitions as fast as you can
  2. SLOW: 15 repetitions slow (half-time, 3-5 seconds each rep)
  3. STOP: Hold for 45 seconds (preferably in the low or middlle position)

Repeat 3-5 Times 

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Fabulous Hair for Training

Whether you are training for your next 5k, a big show, or just maintaining your health, one thing that seems to stand out when looking at our form is how crazy our hair can get. Sheesh! Haha!!  We are more worried about our own heart rate rather than those tame less tresses. As a hairstylist, hair is usually on my mind, even while training! So I wanted to give you ladies some simple ideas to switch up your doo. Try to add a few braids! Braids are a hot hipster trend right now and would go great with a new yoga tank and tights!


No finger coordination? The bun is a classic clean updo. You can tie all the hair back to keep it sporty or side sweep your fringe to keep a feminine look.


Now I know our hair can be a pain and acts with a mind of it’s own at times. Don’t let it weigh your hair down! Get snazzy and accessorize your doo with a really sporty head band! It gives a pop of color and you can represent your favorite fitness brands! With fitness in demand most name brands like Nike, Puma, & Reebok are unisex and do keep us ladies in mind when it comes to accessories!


Who says your hair can’t look good after an hour deep into your gym session?? So the next time you decide to show off that new workout gear don’t forget, to complete your look with your own beautiful hair!!

Hair Styles: By Me
Hair Color: By Me
Hair Model: Me

Grocery Shop with Me! 7 Healthy Shopping Tips & This Week’s Grocery List

Essential information when it comes to food!


One of my facebook friends, Vanessa, commented on my omelet yesterday morning and said she’d love to see my shopping list. So I decided to grab my receipt and share what i got. 🙂

cookingFirst, I must confess. My eating has been so off the last 2 weeks since my vacation. I often skipped meals or opted for a can of soup because I was too lazy to cook – and the main reason cooking would be challenging is because we were low on groceries. Betty Crocker I am not. I cook easy, fast, simple meals. If it can’t be simple, I won’t bother cooking it. This girl has very little patience.

We rarely eat out, but this past week I resorted to restaurants simply because I didn’t want to cook and I didn’t want to shop. (I keep telling you how lazy I am. Eventually you will start…

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A Letter to My New Yoga Pants

A Letter to My New Yoga Pants.


Training log


That’s right! 27.1 miles with an average speed of 14.5 on a fixed gear bike …. not bad! Improvement for sure 🙂 Follow me!

Get out of your comfort zone!!


This picture is after today’s 27 mile ride. Immediately followed by leg (weight) training. Exercises included curtsy lunges, one-legged squats, deadlifts, leg extensions, leg curls, and wall squats! I completely feel the work I put in and yes, I was totally out of my comfort zone! Do the same for maximum burn! 🙂 We shall see what tomorrow’s training leads to. Thanks to my supportive hubby for my polar rs300!! (I thought I’d never part with my FT7 model) Prayers for my hubby to come home safe and soon!! I love you boo-boo!